Java Tips 

53 Java Tips

Java SE Tips / java.rmi

How to define and export a remote object
How to invoke a method on a remote object

Java SE Tips / java.util

How to generate a random number
How to implement a Queue
How to implement a Stack
How to create a Linked List
How to create a Set
How to create a Hash Table
How to read and write a Properties file
How to get and set properties

Java SE Tips / javax.swing

A spinner that rolls from the end of a list to beginning
How to implement a graphical list selection monitor
How to tile all internal frames when requested
How to block mouse and key events in an application
How to use WindowListener for closing JFrames
How to dynamically update the appearance of a component
How to interact directly with the JRootPane of a JFrame
How to implement buttons at different layers
How to implement a splash screen for an application

Java ME Tips / MIDP

How to count the number of instances of MIDlets
An example of MIDlet skeleton
A utility of startTimer
How to generate performance parameter for your mobile application
How to implement a textbox in a mobile game
How to use getResourceAsStream to access JAR file
How to store/retrieve image in/from RMS
How to find contacts from PhoneBook of mobile phone
How to import Contact into phonebook
How to create Events/Task/Reminder in mobile phone

Java EE Tips / javax.servlet.jsp

JSTL - a page that parses the user's number
JSTL - handling parameters collection
JSTL - how to catch an exception inside the page
JSTL - accessing database source
JSTL - using database for authentication

Java EE Tips / Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Using compound primary keys for entities
Retrieving multiple BMP entity beans in a single step
Using EJB-QL to create CMP finder methods
How to perform a cascading delete
Using EJB toString() functionality for debugging

New Categories in Java Applications Section

Graphics Editor
Java Virtual Machine
Java Decompiler
Chat Server
ICQ Client
Jabber Client
Jabber Server
Ray Tracer

New Categories in Java Libraries Section

Spell Checker
Search Engine

57 Java Tips

New Features & Bug Fixes

Java News Section is added
Book Reviews Section is added

Book Reviews

Java Swing, Second Edition written by James Elliott, Robert Eckstein, Marc Loy, David Wood, et al.
Effective Java Programming Language Guide by Joshua Bloch
Head First Design Patterns written by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra
Head First Java, 2nd Edition written by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
Computing Concepts with Java Essentials written by Cay Horstmann
Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) written by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, JDK 5 Edition written by Ivor Horton
Java Cookbook, Second Edition written by Ian Darwin

Java SE Tips / java.lang

The Singleton Pattern
The Observer Pattern
How to determine when the application is about to exit
How to load a Class that is not on the classpath
How to convert a string to a number
How to copy elements from one array to another
How to execute a command from code
How to read output from a Command execution
How to send an Input to a Command

Java SE Tips / java.math

How to operate with big integer values in code
How to operate with big decimal values

Java SE Tips / javax.swing

Sorting and Filtering Tables
Splash Screens and Mustang
A Label that uses inline HTML to format its text
How to create a ProgressMonitor toolbar
How to implement ProgressMonitor toolbar with a file to monitor
How to use a ScrollBar in both vertical and horizontal direction
How to use a slider with tick marks and labels
A custom combobox editor for use with the EditableComboBox class
How to create a Editable combobox that include both text and icons
How to use an Icon Editor for use with the JSpinner component
How to implement an Icon Spinner
How to implement a utility that allows spinning of dates

Java ME Tips / MIDP

Recieving Email on J2ME devices
Sending Email from J2ME devices
How to get a random integer value in midlets at runtime
How to use ChoiceGroup in J2ME
How to terminate a thread by signalling
How to make phone vibrate in J2ME
Displaying Image from Servlet on J2ME device

Java EE Tips / javax.servlet.jsp

Sending email via JSP
How to make the user scroll through results
JSTL - Redirecting with
JSTL - Sample XSLT transformation
JSTL - Simple read of RSS data

Java EE Tips / Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Accessing an EJB from an applet
Accessing EJB from a servlet within the same container
Comparing two EJB references for equality
How to restore and use a serialized EJB reference
How to to serialize a reference to an EJB
Invoking EJB logic from a JMS system
Referring another bean from within the same container
Referring remote bean from another container
Using a data source in EJB
Using different data sources for different users

New Categories in Java Applications Category

Text Editor
Parser Generator

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